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Map Network Drive MacOS

Instructions on mapping an FAU network drive to a Mac.

Set Up Dual Monitors on Windows 10 Devices

Instructions on setting up dual monitors on Windows 10 devices

Setup Multiple Displays on Mac Devices

Instructions on setting up multiple displays on Mac devices

WebCam Option: DroidCam on Android

DroidCam is an app that allows your Android Smartphone to function as a webcam for your computer (Works on Windows and Linux Computers). Follow these instructions to set up your computer and phone.

WebCam Option: iVCam for iPhone and iPad

If you need a webcam to complete online assignments or for use during a proctored exam, you can use iVCam as a way to turn your iPhone or iPad into a high definition webcam for use on a Windows PC.

Windows: Keeping your computer up-to-date

This article will show you the basics in keeping your device up to date with the latest security, software, and feature patches. If you're experiencing slowness in your device then updating may solve this.