Services A-Z (322)


Academic Affiliates

Academic Questions

Access Issues/Role Assignment Requests

Access to BOG Portal

Access to CMS

Access to LeapAhead Reports/Templates

Access to WebFOCUS

Access to your Owl Mail for Alumni

Account Information Change

Accounts Payable Questions

Add Jobs, Extensions, Ending Additional Assignments and Terminations Issues and Questions

Add Student with incomplete

Add user log-in access to computer

Add/Remove users from a departmental account

Administrative Affairs Issues/Request Form

Annual Certification Changes - ONLY

Application Support

Application Support - FAU Alert Phone Removal (NON-FAU Entity)

Are you having issues accessing or viewing a MediaSite recording?

Assistance with Zoom

Assistance with Zoom

Audio Visual Classroom Equipment Requests

Audio Visual Event Equipment Requests

Audio Visual Support

Auto Advisor Assignments


Banner Releases/Upgrades/Patches/Clone Requests - OIT ONLY

Billing Address Change

Biographical Update

Bizlibrary Requests

Blocked Website while using the BHRIC

Budget Amendments

Business Process Issues & Questions


Can't connect? Request help connecting to the FAU wireless network

Can't log into a campus computer?

Canvas Help

Canvas Help

Canvas Seating Reservation System

Canvas support directed me to FAU

Canvas Title IX Course

Change an existing form

Change Google Classroom status to Teacher

Civic Literacy Canvas Course

CM22 Building Access

CMS Support

College of Business General IT Support

Communication Infrastructure Projects

Computer move request

Connect SharePoint to Outlook

Customized call processing & call distribution designs and requests


Dashboard Requests

Delegation Setup, Issues and Questions

Detail Code Request

Disconnect of Cellular, Smartphones, iPads, & Tablets

Disconnect of Phone or Analog Line

DNS Requests


Edit/update existing Captive login Portal

Email Request

EMS Access Requests

EMS Assistance and Issues

Enable a Previously Created Captive Login Portal request

eValue Support Request

Event Marketing

Event Setup

ExecEd IT Support

ExecEd Marketing

Exit Form II Request

External communication request


FAUNet ID Change

Financial Hierarchy Changes - Controller's Office ONLY


General BHRIC Requests

Global Add

Grade Submission in Canvas


How do I access the virtual software or remote apps?

How to connect to the FAUGUEST Wireless Network

How to request a printing refund


I need help with a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone

I need to reset my FAUNet ID password

Install DPM backup on user's computer

Install FAU owned and supported software

Install Oracle client

Instructional Technologies - General Inquiries

Interfolio access requests

Interfolio/FAR Add Course Instructor

Interfolio/FAR Requests


JAMF Subscription request

Journal Entry Issues and Questions


Lecture Capture assistance

Limited Submissions

List Request

LockDown Browser/Monitor

Lost Instructional Time Assistance for Faculty


Marketing Request


Migrate email account to Health

Mobile and Portal Support

Mobile Device Owl Mail Setup

Modify or Cancel existing Video Conference meeting

My account is locked


Name change on a phone

New Construction Project Request

New Departmental Account

New Faculty Profile

New General Ledger Account / Spend or Revenue / All related Expense Category Request

New printer or scanner setup request

New User Setup

New Website

News Request

News, Announcements, Digital Signage

Nursing certificate courses tech issues

Nursing digital signage update

Nursing homepage rotating banner update

Nursing mass email sending request

Nursing positions posting request

Nursing RA positions posting request


OIT Project Management (Project Request)

OIT Project Request Appeal

OnBase Access Request

Onbase Support

Onbase Workflow Access Request

ONRS Financial Requests

Order and/or Change Office Phone/Analog Line

Order New, Change Existing, or Disconnect Cable TV

Order or Change Smartphones, iPads & Tablets with Data

Order Software for FAU-owned computers

Order Windows Server / SQL Licenses

Organization Request

Other requests

Other Requests

Other Requests


Password Reset for a Database

Payroll Accounting Issues and Questions

Payroll Questions and Issues

Performance Appraisals

Period Activity Pay

Photography Requests

Photography Requests

Poster Printing - Broward campuses

Print, Collateral, and Graphic Design

Printer needs repair/replacement part

Private Cloud Hosting

Procurement issues relating to requisitions and purchase orders

Procurement, Tuition & Billing Services Requests

Program/software installed on computer not working

Project Request

Property Management Requests

Prospect Management

Prospect Research

Public Cloud Services

Published Book Request



Quick Start Guide

Quote for New Computer, Monitors, Laptop, or Printers

Quote requests for Broward Campuses


REDCap Request

Register a device on the FAU Wireless Network

Repair or Troubleshoot

Report a Banner Student production problem

Report a problem for an existing process

Report a unmappable/missing home drive (M: drive)

Report a WiFi outage or unstable connection affecting multiple users

Report an email problem

Report an issue with a Frevvo form

Report an Issue with Single Sign On

Report Hardware Issues

Report issue with computer equipment

Report issues or request assistance

Report issues with OwlMail

Report Issues with Printing & FAU Print Services

Report issues with SE computer labs

Report Issues with SharePoint

Report issues with wired network

Report login issues on an OIT-hosted VM

Report permissions problems accessing an ANDI shared drive

Report problem in eClassroom

Report Request

Report Software Issues

Report Writers ONLY - Request report review by reporting admin

Request a backup or restore on an existing ANDI shared drive

Request a BOG Budget/Employee/Stipends Reports

Request a BOG Student Report

Request a change to an existing process

Request a Courtesy Account

Request a Crystal Report

Request a Duo Key Fob (Employees Only)

Request a malware/virus scan

Request a new ANDI shared drive

Request a New Captive Login Portal request

Request a new feature

Request a new form or a new version of existing form

Request a new mailing list

Request a New Report

Request a new Video Conference meeting

Request a port installation

Request a Report

Request access or training for My Mediasite

Request Access to Banner Student & Banner E-Print

Request access to computer lab or classroom

Request access to FAU - Chairs FTE report

Request access to former employee's email account

Request Activation of an Archived Presentation

Request an Audio Visual System Quote / Design

Request an extension or disable a Courtesy Account

Request an individualized student metrics report for an email send

Request assistance / report issues with Intune

Request assistance with migrating Google Shared Drives to OneDrive or Microsoft Teams

Request Assistance with migrating your Google Drive to OneDrive

Request Authorization to Conduct Survey Research

Request Canvas Announcement

Request Cross-Listed Course

Request Database/System Access

Request eClassroom Demo/Training

Request for Report Changes OR Report Issues with an Existing Workday Report

Request form development support

Request help with a calendar

Request help with printer or scanner

Request HPC User Account

Request Mediasite Audio Transcription

Request New Banner Project, Service, or Integration

Request New SharePoint Site

Request OIT VM hosting

Request or remove access to a system

Request port activation

Request Power BI support

Request quota increase for ANDI shared drives

Request quote to repair computer equipment

Request Shared Network Drive Access (ANDI)

Request Shared Network Drive Access (ANDISEC)

Request Software in Lab or eClassroom

Request SQL Access to Banner DB

Request SQL Access to Data Warehouse Database

Request VM resources

Request voicemail password reset

Request VPN Access

Request WebFOCUS/LeapAhead Support

Request Workday Prism Analytics Data Source

Request/Modify Recording

Research and Academic Network

Research Application Assistance

Research Computing at the University of Florida

Research Computing Consultation

Research Computing Outages

Research Computing User Account

Research Development Support

Research Hardware

Research Storage


Self-Service PIN Reset

Server Collocation

Setup a computer

Setup Single Sign On

Share Research Story Request

Shared Network Drive (ANDI) Troubleshooting and Help

SharePoint Access

Simple Syllabus Support

Site Migration

Smartphones, iPads & Tablets Support

SmartTag Inactivation

SmartTag Requests

SmartTag Title Change

Special Project Request

Statistical Consulting Services

Student Athlete Observer – OPT OUT

Student Requesting/Troubleshooting Cable TV

System to System Integration Issues - HR/Payroll/Finance Use ONLY


Text Approval Request

Timekeeping Issues and Questions

Timekeeping Issues and Questions

TouchNet Marketplace Access Request

TouchNet Marketplace Support


Training & Personal Appointment Request

Training (Faculty)

Transient Requests

Travel/pCard and Other expense Questions

Trouble installing Microsoft Office 365 suite on my computer

Trouble with your office phone, voicemail or analog/fax line

Turnitin Help

Turnitin Help


Unable to log into Single Sign On Test

Undergraduate Admissions

Unlock Active Directory account

Update Echo360 links to Mediasite links in Canvas

User leaving College of Business


Video Conferencing Support

Video production requests

Video Requests

Virtual App Support

Virtual Machines

Voicemail Requests

VPN Access Removal



Web and Digital Development

Web Support Request

Website Enhancements

Website Redirect

Workday School Admin - HR-Provost Use ONLY

Workday Support

Workstations as a Service